Haaapy 2016!

What’s more appropriate for post number one, than to make a list of my 2016 goals?


  1. Get out and meet more people. Since moving to Chapel Hill in May, I must admit I have not been great at putting myself out there and meeting new, North Carolina friends. AND for the past three months I have definitely been in the “baby bubble” with Henry. Community is such a huge part of making a place feel like home.
  2. Focus on mindfulness. Mindfulness is something my mom has told me a lot about over the past few months. Learning more about what it is and what it means in my life is something I am excited about!
  3. Be healthy. I know-typical New Years resolution, right? Since being pregnant and than having Henry I haven’t felt like my healthiest self. I am going to focus on eating healthy food in reasonable portions. I can’t give up an occasional cookie (or 3) or glass of wine. Therefore it is all about balance in 2016! Exercise has always been a big, important part of my life. I want to focus on getting back into and staying shape this year.

Other than continuing to be the best wife to John and mom to Henry that I can be, that’s it!


Cheers to a wonderful year!

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