A Beautiful Wedding Weekend in Memphis

This past weekend John, Henry and I traveled to Memphis for my sister, Elizabeth’s, wedding to Patton. It was a beautiful weekend. I can’t believe Elizabeth and Patton are married! I am beyond thrilled. Our grandfather, Henry Strock, performed the wedding ceremony. It was beyond lovely. His homily spoke to my heart and brought me closer to God. What a blessing!

Mr. and Mrs. Ford!!!

Elizabeth was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen! Every part of the weekend was such a sweet celebration of her and Patton. The bridesmaids luncheon was so honoring to Elizabeth and the women who have loved her so well, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner were lovely, and the wedding was a blast! I can’t wait to see all the pictures from the weekend. In the meantime here are a few I took. It was such a happy day!



I can’t help but share these pictures of Henry as well. Is he not to die for in his wedding outfit? He was such a trooper throughout all the wedding festivities. I was such a proud mama!

We’re Back!!

While looking through pictures of this past year to make a photo album, I had two thoughts. First, “Wow, Henry has so much hair now!” And second, “I really miss blogging.” It is such a fun way to keep track of and share what our family is doing. Therefore, we are back!

“Hi Everyone!”


Here’s a short recap of the past five months:

Henry is HUGE. And old. He is 11 months as of last week.

John had an easy month during the month of August. We were able to have a lot of family time. It was such a blessing.

We may not all be smiling, but at least we are all looking. Right?!


This summer was hot in North Carolina. We enjoyed lots of pool time at the pool in our neighborhood.



We had some fun visitors this summer. Nana, Pop, and Uncle Andrew spent some time with us in May and August, Uncle Hugh came in June, and Aunt Libby and Uncle Patton came in August. We also made a few trips to Memphis to visit Gran and Grandaddy. In August, we visited all of John’s grandparents in Summerville, SC and Carolina Shores, NC. What fun!


Henry loves to walk with his walker. No walking on his own yet, but hopefully soon. He also FINALLY has teeth! He has three bottom teeth, and is working on more 🙂



I have kept up the monthly pictures. One thing is for sure, if I do these with the next baby, I will definitely use stickers. It’s gotten harder and harder to wrangle this active boy, while making sure the card can be seen. This makes for some silly pictures. Here are months 6-10. I haven’t taken his 11 month pictures yet.