We finally made it to VACATION! We have been looking forward to this all summer, and are so glad it’s finally here. I was really nervous about the 12 hour drive to get to Orange Beach, AL. Henry did so great, and we were even able to push through and make it in one day. I’m praying the ride home is a similar story 🙂

All three of us have been LOVING the beach. My favorite part of the trip has been watching Henry’s joy at playing in the sand and the ocean. We have been having a blast playing with beach toys, wading into the ocean, and bringing picnics down to enjoy under the umbrella. Henry only occasionally tries to eat sand and seashells, so I consider that a win! 

The first few days we were in Orange Beach, John’s parents were here. We had a lovely time with Nana and Pop. We had “Henry’s Birthday Celebration: Part One” with them on Saturday. Henry got some awesome gifts, smashed a cupcake, and played with his Birthday balloon. What fun! 

Today is our last day in Orange Beach before we head over to Florida to spend the weekend with my parents. I can’t wait to celebrate our one-year-old boy on Saturday!

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